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Draft Inner West Council Housing Strategy released: Get involved

29 June 2019

Inner West Council has released its draft Housing Strategy for public feedback. This is an important document, which will underpin how the council prepares its new zoning maps in the local environmental plan later this year.
The area around Dulwich Hill train station has been nominated as a priority area for urban renewal (see pages 128-129). The strategy suggests a development corridor from the southern end of Wardell Rd to the Dulwich Grove light rail stop.

The area around the Arlington (page 143) and Waratah Mills (page 145) light rail stops are also proposed for increased development.

Some 660 new dwellings are proposed in these locations.
While the level of new housing proposed is less than was envisaged in the now discarded Sydenham to Bankstown urban renewal corridor strategy, the strategy would appear to be targeting existing residential areas for new housing and also potentially impacts on current gazetted biodiversity protection areas.
The Housing Strategy doesn’t include any new planning control maps, apart from a broad investigation area.

It is more of an opportunities and constraints analysis. Dulwich Hill is listed as one of the areas ‘least constrained’ for new development in the Inner West Council area. In other words, the strategy is saying there are fewer hurdles to deliver new residential development in Dulwich Hill, compared to other areas.
Following community consultation, we’ve prepared an alternative vision for the suburb which seeks to largely spare existing residential areas from new development, while still providing new housing and delivering many other benefits for the suburb. We would be interested in what you think of it.


We've also prepared a draft submission to the council.
We urge you to take a look at:

Make sure you get your submission in before 28 July! Feel free to use elements of our draft submission in your personal submission.

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