Suburb under siege

In recent years, Dulwich Hill has already taken its fair share of high-density housing.


The area around Dulwich Hill station has already been zoned for unit blocks up to eight storeys in height - these blocks are now under construction or occupied.




















Towers up to 10 stories are either being built or proposed in a former industrial area alongside low-density single or two-storeys terraces in Grove St, Dulwich Hill, next to Arlington light rail station. As you can see from the artist's impression for the proposed nine-storey development for 62 Constitution Rd below left, or for ten storeys at 1A Hill Rd Dulwich Hill bottom right, these proposals are completely out of scale with the local area.






















There is also signficant redevelopment occuring in the Dulwich Hill town centre and along New Canterbury Road (see below).


Dulwich Hill is a heritage garden suburb which provides a unique range of Federation-era housing. A significant proportion of this housing is sub-divided to provide low-cost rooms. This housing is under threat from redevelopment for expensive new unit blocks. New supply is not always the solution.


Irrespective of this, the suburb is facing its greatest threat yet in the form of the Sydenham to Bankstown urban renewal plans.