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New plan for the heart of Dulwich Hill


We all spend a lot of time in the main Dulwich Hill town centre, whether this is to source fresh food, enjoy a meal, grab a book or catch-up with friends - or for a myriad of other reasons.


However, there's a growing view that - while the town centre is very important to us all - it needs refreshing and some new thinking. Footpaths have potholes, carparks have illegal dumping, while other areas are just unloved, forgotten or simply ugly. We don’t have a genuine and safe town plaza. 


Click on the image above to scroll through different photos of the current Dulwich Hill town centre

We know that, if commercial forces or the council alone are left to drive town centre changes, the results are likely to be very different to what the community wants.


The ugly Sydney Tools shopfront fiasco is an example of a developer-led approach and lax council regulation where original promises to the community (a pretty boulevarde of small individual shops) were not fulfilled. 

What we were promised on Sydney Tools site and what we got (before frontage colour modified)

We also know that the town centre has great potential - its growing number of arts and cultural destinations and resilience as a multi-cultural fresh food destination are an example of this - it just needs a vision, a plan and a little love and care. 


Save Dully committee member Liz Locksley has prepared a presentation about how we could revitalise Dulwich Hill’s town centre.

It promotes an inclusive approach where the town centre could deliver new affordable housing, re-imagined laneways, refreshed public domain and safer, more inviting connections with the light rail station -all while still retaining existing carparking.



The presentation builds on the initial ideas for the Seaview St carpark and the town centre in Save Dully's Our Suburb Our Future document, and our recent walking tour.


The presentation presents new material and we are issuing it to our email list for feedback.


We are proposing to show this presentation to candidates for the upcoming Inner West Council election. Please provide us feedback, before 15 August, at


Please also note that this presentation is just the start of a potential town centre journey, with the need for significant work and community consultation needed before it becomes close to reality. 

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