Dulwich Hill public school faces privacy and shadowing impacts

A developer-initiated rezoning proposal has been lodged for a current low-scale industrial site at Hercules St, opposite Dulwich Hill public school. This web page has been prepared by the Save Dully group and the Dulwich Hill Parents and Citizens' Association to provide more information about this proposal.

About the proposal

This proposal is for apartment towers up to nine storeys and therefore will cause significant overshadowing and privacy impacts for the school’s top oval.










Unofficial artist's impression showing potential shadowing impact of development at 2pm mid-winter

The proposal is expected to be placed on public exhibition by Inner West Council in mid to late 2018. This will be the first time the community will be able to have its say on this proposal, despite years of so-called 'planning experts' examining the site. 

Below is a chronology of events relating to the site.


October 2015: Site developer (Angus Developments) first approaches the then Marrickville Council about this proposal. This was shortly after the NSW Government released the Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Strategy, which designated this site for eight-storey development.

Secret discussions begin to take place between council staff and the developer, however the developer is unable to advance the proposal because the NSW Department of Planning and Environment said the strategy was to be re-exhibited.

December 2015: Marrickville Council’s submission to the draft strategy recommends “a maximum height of 5-6 storeys around Dulwich Grove light rail stop”. This site is directly adjacent to the light rail stop.

June 2017: Revised Sydenham to Bankstown Strategy exhibited. Site again designated for eight-storey development, however a new “transition edge” added to the site – indicating an understanding from the Department of Planning and Environment of the need to scale down the development near the school.

July 2017: Item was reported to Inner West Council (at the final meeting of the council’s administrator Richard Pearson). The council report is available here.

Following speeches from a number of community members, Mr Pearson decided to defer consideration of this proposal, until the final Sydenham to Bankstown Strategy was adopted. Video of the meeting is available here.


In making this decision, Mr Pearson told the council meeting: “There are some locational issues in terms of the school and church and low-density residential areas which need to be considered”.

October 2017: Developer uses the NSW Government’s rezoning review process to appeal to the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel. The panel, which includes two Inner West councillors (Sam Iskandar and Victor Macri), supports the proposal going on exhibition.

November 2017: Inner West Council elects to be the exhibiting authority for the proposal, as against allowing the NSW Government to exhibit the proposal. However, at the same time, the council expresses concerns about the height of the development.

April 2018: Site put up for sale, with real estate ads saying nine storeys can be achieved on the site. Artist’s impressions of future development released.









































The rezoning proposal seeks to rezone the site from light industrial to high-density residential and business development, with a proposed maximum building height on the Hercules St frontage of 32m.

The Greek church is proposed to be retained and zoned as private recreation, with a small pocket park to be created on the corner of Hercules St and Kintore St (through the demolition of an existing house).

The rezoning is expected to be placed on public exhibition in mid to late 2018.

If the rezoning proposal is approved, a development application could be lodged seeking approval to begin construction of buildings to this height. Once the height limit is set via the rezoning proposal, it is unlikely the community could defeat the proposal at the development application stage.

This web page was last updated on 10 June 2018

Official artist's impression from developers of proposed built-form at the site

Shadow diagrams from developers' report to council showing school top oval will be over-shadowed from 2pm in mid-winter

Proposed building massing plan for the site

View of proposed development from corner of Hercules and Kintore St

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