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Dulwich Hill commuters the victim of broken line shutdown promise

9 June 2021

Dulwich Hill commuters will be severely and unnecessarily inconvenienced by the shutdown of the Bankstown line from 28 June, 2021.

For a two-week period from 28 June to 11 July, Dulwich Hill commuters will be forced on buses to Sydenham Station, or the already over-crowded light rail line, rather than being able to access their usual train services.


The shutdown is required for works to build the new Sydenham to Bankstown Metro.


This shutdown runs contrary to the promise made by the NSW Government when it released amended plans for the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro line in June 2018.


A summary brochure supporting the amended plans stated: “Temporary possessions are now only planned for two weeks over the Christmas school holiday period”. 


It also stated that the “the project is no longer planning for two-week possessions during the July school holidays each year.”


Many hundreds of thousands of commuters are expected to be affected, including on other lines which will need to bear the burden of stranded Bankstown Line commuters.


What’s also concerning that, as of 9 June, there hadn’t been a letterbox campaign to let commuters know about the shutdown impacts,


The Sydenham to Bankstown Alliance is seeking volunteers to raise awareness of this unneeded shutdown by handing out leaflets on or around 28 June. If you are able to volunteer, please email


The unnecessary Sydenham to Bankstown Metro project has previously been used as an excuse by the NSW Government to force gross overdevelopment on heritage suburbs, including Dulwich Hill. 


Fortunately, the community was able to defeat these plans in 2018.


To find out more about the government’s temporary transport plan, click here.

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